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I've implemented a browser that shares NSTreeController with NSOutlineView so I can easily switch between them and keep the states in sync. Implementing drag support for NSOutlineView is simple, but it appears that NSBrowser cannot support dragging while using bindings. Has anyone been able to support dragging from NSBrowser while also using bindings?

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I solved this by creating custom subclasses of NSBrowser, NSMatrix, and NSBrowserCell. I had to force NSBrowser to use NSRadioModeMatrix mode (single cell) by setting this mode in NSBrowser subclass -mouseDown method because it was constantly being reset.

In the NSBrowserCell subclass, I implemented trackMouse:inRect:ofView:untilMouseUp: by simply having superclass do it's thing, but returned NO so tracking would occur, which allowed mouseDragged: to be called in my NSMatrix subclass. In mouseDragged: I then did all the stuff to get the mouse location, construct a mouse image, and used [self dragImage:at:offset:pasteboard:source:slideBack:].

I'm not sure if this is the best approach, but it worked. It only works when there is a single selection allowed in NSBrowser.

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