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I have 2 cameras (camera 2 is translating respect camera 1) with their projection matrix P1 and P2. They took an image, I1 (camera 1) and I2 (camera 2) 512x512.

P1 =

-510.0686  -12.9401 -259.3765 -130.4363
-7.6701 -517.0217 -257.2912  -66.5024
-0.0325   -0.0518   -1.0108   -0.4847

P2 =

-736.7330  -13.5206 -388.4970 -828.1644
-12.1721 -749.3048 -375.2760 -560.6533
-0.0291   -0.0623   -1.4690   -3.2141

I compute the fundamental matrix F:

F =

1.0e+003 *

0.0000    0.0033   -0.6047
-0.0033    0.0000    0.7938
0.5973   -0.8252    5.9205

Then I found matches point between two images with SURF using RANSAC, point1 and point2.

point1 =


point2 =


I tried to compute epipolar line and it passing through the point2

epLineCam2 = F * punto1;

epLineCam2 =

1.0e+004 *


So point2 should be quite similar to the expected point epoint in I2, computed using epipolar geometry (because SURF uses a lot of approximations).

As you can see on 8.2 pag. 223 on Hartley & Zisserman's book,

x' = Hπ * x;

where x' is the epoint, and x is point1.

my is:

Hpi = P2 * pinv(P1); 

Hpi =

1.4397   -0.1502  296.2940
-0.0008    1.3476  206.4950
-0.0001   -0.0006    2.5772

So epoint is:

epoint =


I reme,ber you that image size is 512x512, so epoint.x is outside of image... As you can see, epoint is different (a lot different) by point2

point2 =


My question is, why? Where I made some mistakes?


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Since you haven't posted any matlab code it is hard to tell where exactly you made mistakes, but there are a few suggestions I can make to you:

For one, the matched points found by SURF do not necessary have to be correct points. Have you checked whether point1 actually matches point2, by just drawing them onto the images for instance?

Furthermore, I do know how you obtained your projection matrices, but if they were correct the following condition should indeed hold:

x' = P2 * pinv(P1) * x

You could verify easily if your projection matrices are correct by drawing both x and x' and see if they're matching points. Note that x' and x are Homogeneous coordinates. This note also gives you an idea of why epoint is so much different than point2. If you divide the vector epoint by its z-coordinate you will get a result which is more similar to point2:

         614.7787     247.1671
epoint = 388.6410  =  156.2502
         2.4873       1.0000
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Thanks! The "problem" was that i didn't understand Homogeneous coordinates! As you said, if I divide my vector by its z-coordinate, epoint is quite similiar to point2! You save me :) I'm sure datas are right, I plotted them onto the images. –  Roberto Iacono Apr 18 '12 at 8:46
@RobertoIacono Could you mark this question as solved, such that other people don't waste their time on a question that has already been solved? :) –  dennisg Apr 19 '12 at 16:19

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