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I have a cron job running on Rails server. This rake task make calls/SMS to subscribers when some event triggers. Now when this event trigger between User selected DND Time I want to store it in a queue. How do I check if the time is between DND time selected by user.

I tried answer mention in Time between specified range

But it fails when user select DND Time as 6 to 9

Note:- 1] Every user has its own timezone.. Which I have in the database
2] Every user can select his/her own DND Time.
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I think following will work If

start_hour = Hour when DND Time Starts
end_hour = Hour when DND Time Ends
current hour = Hour of the current time


if start_hour > end_hour
  current hour > start_hour || current hour < end_hour
  current hour > start_hour && current hour < end_hour


start_hour > end_hour ?  (current hour > start_hour || current hour < end_hour) : 
                         (current hour > start_hour && current hour < end_hour)
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