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I'm new to stackoverflow and this is my first question. I have a ninepatch png as window background. I tried different bit depths, I tried to find answer, but I didn't. The image is stretched but android uses slightly different color to stretch image than the one in stretchable area as is on images bellow (sorry, no images :( I'm new... hope it's ok with just text). Maybe I'm just lame but I spent whole yesterday trying to solve this. I used Paint.NET to make the image and tested it on 2.1 emulator and 2.3 on Galaxy Tab and HD2. It works fine on ICS on Nexus Galaxy.

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It is a bit tricky to understand what you mean without a image to look at. Do you mean the colours are not reproducing the way you want them to? –  Mel Apr 17 '12 at 13:17
Yes, it's gray text on light gray background. It works on ICS, it works with draw9patch tool but it doesn't work with GB and older. The stretched area is slightly darker (closer to the colour of the text). Strange is that it works with white background on all devices, with gray it does not. I think it's because of bit depth, but I can't figure out why and how. –  Michal Apr 18 '12 at 11:24

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