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I've a problem with Google CSE code (i admit i also don't have much experience with javascript).

My problem is that I have to pass the title of the result to a second webpage, opened when clicking on a result title of my CSE

<div id="mysite_webResult">
  <div class="gs-webResult gs-result"
    data-vars="{longUrl:function() {
      var i = unescapedUrl.indexOf(visibleUrl);
      return i < 1 ? visibleUrl : unescapedUrl.substring(i);}}">

    <!-- Build the result data structure.-->
    <input type="hidden" id="url" data-attr="{value:unescapedUrl}" />

        <td valign="top">
          <div data-if="Vars.richSnippet" data-attr="0"
        <td valign="top">

          <!-- Append results within the table cell.-->
          <div class="gs-title">
            <a class="gs-title" data-attr="{href:'linkdetails2.php?url='+unescapedUrl+'?nome='+html(title),target:target}"

The problem is in the last lines, this:

<a class="gs-title" data-attr="{href:'linkdetails2.php?url='+unescapedUrl+'?nome='+html(title),target:target}"

even if it renders right (the title is correctly displayed), when clicked (the target page in this case was: twitter.com/#!/asd) goes to this:

http://www.asd.com/linkdetails2.php?url=http://twitter.com/#!/asd?nome=[object DocumentFragment]

as you can see, the "html(title)", passed by "nome" isn't what i was expecting, but: [object DocumentFragment]

Is there a solution?

Thanks everyone

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this does not look like a javascipt issue, whatever you use to render the results page doesn't render html(title) correctly.. –  Hoff Apr 17 '12 at 15:47

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