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I'd like to add *.dlls as third party libs to my repository and during packaging process just pack them to *.jar, sign them and copy to some specific folder.

Signing and coping are well done and work correctly (as expected by using maven-dependency-plugin and maven-jarsigner-plugin). But I didn't find any method to automatically pack single dll to jar (without any sources like maven-assembly-plugin does).

Solution that I see by the time: add to my repository not a "pure" dll, but already packed to jar lib (packed by myself)... but it's not a good idea, I guess)

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It sounds like you've successfully retrieved your .dll (with dependency plugin) and signed it (jarsigner plugin), and it's somewhere in your ${project.build.directory} (which defaults to target).

If that's correct, give this a try:

  • Define the packaging of your project as jar
  • Retrieve dlls
  • Make sure the jarsigner:sign goal is bound to the prepare-package phase. It binds to package by default and we need to ensure jarsigner:sign runs before jar:jar.

        <phase>prepare-package</phase>       <!-- important -->
  • Configure the jar plugin to include the signed dll(s)

        <!-- using this ID merges this config with default -->
        <!-- So it should not be necessary to specify phase or goals -->
        <!-- Change classes directory because it will look in target/classes 
             by default and that probably isn't where your dlls are.  If
             the dlls are in target then directoryContainingSignedDlls is
             simply ${project.build.directory}. -->
  • Now, running mvn clean package should give you a jar containing your signed dlls.

  • If JACOB requires manifest config there are docs explaining how to do this.

Good luck!

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I've already fixed the promlem in almost the same fashion as you mentioned. There is one issue - you should put these *.dll's as resources to some directory....But I'd prefer to add these *.dll's as third party artifact to repository and use them by artifactId instead of <classesDirectory> –  rauch Apr 18 '12 at 6:59

I would recommend to pack your dll's as a zip archive via maven-assembly-plugin and let that module deploy the zip archive as attached to your usual pom. The packaging of that project should be pom instead of default. I would be a little bit confused if i download a jar and find dll's inside it, but if you prefer you could create jar via the maven-assembly-plugin or use the maven-jar-plugin.

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It's necessary to pack these dlls to jar! (see jacob-project" sourceforge.net/projects/jacob-project) to use jacob in Applet. I would appreciate deeply, if you give me a simplest example how to pack one single file (dll) to jar using maven-assemply-plugin or maven-jar-plugin. –  rauch Apr 17 '12 at 13:01

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