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I am using the following code in my Servlet to set the Attribute confirmMsg :

req.setAttribute("confirmMsg", "Update Values");

This I'm forwarding to the JSP

RequestDispatcher rd = req.getRequestDispatcher("displayDetails.jsp");
rd.forward(req, resp);

In my JSP, I need to display the message when the page loads.

<body onload = "showConfirmMsg();">

// .....


What should I do in the following function, so as to show the message onload itself?

function showConfirmMsg() {

// Code to show the alert box onload

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Using jQuery, you can do something like:

$(function() {
    var msg = "${confirmMsg}";
    // do something with your message :)

<body onload=""> isn't very clean :)

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Just let JSP/EL print the JS code accordingly so that the browser retrieves valid HTML/JS code.


<body onload="showConfirmMsg('${confirmMsg}');">


function showConfirmMsg(confirmMsg) {
    // ...

If you can't guarantee that the ${confirmMsg} doesn't contain JS-special characters like ', newlines, etc then you need to escape it beforehand by for example Apache Commons Lang StringEscapeUtils#escapeJavaScript().

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There is no need of calling a function on load, instead use JSP scriplet.

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