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I have a program that will start other JUnit test from a program. I will first tell you what it does: 1. Searching for the programma that are in the folder 2. Find the jar en searching through it for the test classes

Now I want to run that test class, but when I'm starts the class with this I get an error that he couldn't find the class:

for (String testclass: arrayList){
    Class cl = Class.forName(testclass);
    Logger.error(TestEnablerViewtool.class, "CL NAME : " + cl.getName());
    JUnitTest test = new JUnitTest(cl.getName());
    test.setTodir(new File(pathToReports));

And I find the class with this piece of code:

public static List<String> getClasseNamesInPackage(String jarName, String packageName){
    String s = "C:\\CMS\\CMS\\WEB-INF\\lib\\plugin-Login.jar";
    jarName = "Login";
    packageName = "test/" + jarName + "/deploy";
    ArrayList<String> arrayList = new ArrayList<String> ();
    packageName = packageName.replaceAll("\\." , "/");
    try {
            JarInputStream jarFile = new JarInputStream(new FileInputStream(s));
            JarEntry jarEntry;
            while(true) {
                if(jarEntry.getName() == null) {
                if((jarEntry.getName().startsWith (packageName)) &&
                        (jarEntry.getName().endsWith (".class")) ) {
                    arrayList.add(jarEntry.getName().replaceAll("/", "\\."));
    catch( Exception e){
        e.printStackTrace ();
    return arrayList;

I hope the question is clear..

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My understanding is that - assuming the tests are in a separate directory, typically src/test - test classes don't get added to jars, unless a test jar is explicitly built. If you think about it, why would they be - jars are produced for distribution, but tests are part of the (ongoing) development process... –  amaidment Apr 17 '12 at 13:07
Your right, But I need to test the Classes because they are dependent from the CMS system. So I can't test them without deploying them in the CMS system. So in this case the tests are in the jar file. But I can also go the the directory where the class files are deployed. –  Gynnad Apr 17 '12 at 13:19
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