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I want to autolaunch my application on USB as soon as I plug it into a PC running on windows XP SP3. I have made an autorun.inf (having below written code) and also tried to lauch setup using a batch file(autorun.bat) but none of these seem to be working.

I have also read that a particular windows update (KB971029) disables the autorun/autoplay feature of USB. How can I overcome it? (I can't ask my client to uninstall a windows security update for using my product..)

Code Of autorun.inf file

action="Start my application"


My product contains some media (video) files too so on inserting the USB I get a pop up asking following options 1.) to open files in explorer 2.) play files using media player 3.) take no action

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try setting "use autoplay=0" when it =1 it will prompt the user what they want to do setting this to 0 will basically turn off auto play. hope this helps. also look up auto run at – CMS_95 Oct 16 '13 at 12:33

If autorun is disabled, you cannot use autorun. It's that simple.

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I checked in my group policy setings turn off autoplay is set to "not configured" (read my edit too) – Vaibhav Singla Apr 17 '12 at 13:15

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