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I am programming a text-based RPG for Voice-Over users on the iPhone.

I've got multiple UIViews added to my viewcontroller for different events.

I often remove and add them to my main View.

My Question is as follows: is it possible to update the VoiceOver Cursor to focus on the first Element on the View so the User doesn't has to check every Time if there has happened something new?

I figured out that this happens in a Navigationcontroller.

Is there a functionality to do this?

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By posting a UIAccessibilityLayoutChangedNotification, you inform VoiceOver that the layout of the screen has changed. You can also use UIAccessibilityAnnouncementNotification if you want to make a specific announcement.

UIAccessibilityPostNotification(UIAccessibilityLayoutChangedNotification, nil);

Reference: UIAccessibility Protocol Introduction, Notifications

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You can't control the VoiceOver cursor in iOS 4 or 5. I wish you could, it would solve so many issues.

I think this will be possible with iOS 6. See this answer for more info on that: http://stackoverflow.com/a/11995385/1455770

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