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Inside the JSP Page I have this for making a AJAX Request within Liferay:

PortletURL portletURL = response.createRenderURL();

I will pass this portletURL as a url to the below JQuery function

    type: "POST",
    url: portleturl ,
    success: function(msg) {
        alert( "Data Saved: " + msg );

This is my action mapping inside the struts.xml file:

<action name="helloForm" class="com.action.Struts2Action">
    <result name="input">/WEB-INF/view/index.jsp</result>
    <result name="success">/WEB-INF/view/result.jsp</result>

Now please tell me how do I set the action named helloForm to the portletURL?

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It is common in the code of Liferay. For example, in this JSP file a link is created with a parameter defined by

<portlet:param name="struts_action" value="/asset_publisher/edit_subscription" />

(which points to this action mapping inside the huge Liferay struts-config.xml file).

So, I suppose you just need to add a parameter to your URL in the same way, with the sole difference of doing it with the PortletURL object:

PortletURL portletURL = response.createRenderURL();
portletURL.setParameter("struts_action", "helloForm");
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