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I have a a web site on a IIS on a remote machine. I would like to sync the website on the remote server to a local IISExpress. Currently I do not have the site on my local IISExpress. I am using the following msdeploy.exe command line (Here I formatted it in several lines, but of course the actual command is a single line):

 -webserverdir="c:\program files (x86)\IIS Express"

I get following error returned:

Error: Application Definition with path '' does not exist.

Am I doing it wrong?

Do I need to have the site on my local IISExpress before I can sync (is there any workaround if I must have it locally first?)?

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In the -source argument, try using the name of the web application for webApp (e.g. webApp="wordpress") and specifying the URL for your server in the computername argument. I don't think you need to have the site locally to begin with, but of course you'll need to have whatever web application the site uses installed locally.

Links: webApp: Web Deploy webApp Provider; computername: Web Deploy Provider Settings.

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