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I want to build application which needs to be able to capture video from web camera using C#. Captured video should be compressed using some codec (nothing special, anything available that saves space) and written to file while capturing. Live preview of capture is not necessary.

First question is which API is suitable for this and you would recommend (I have seen DirectShow, Windows Media Foundation wrapper, etc ... not sure which is would be best for managed environment and C#)?

I also need video player in WPF which will play captured video. This player must be able to play captured video from arbitrary position, pause and start/stop video. Putting it all together - video is captured from webcam in background and at the same time player plays that video being captured but it can be paused, re-winded, stopped - something like modern DVR.

Second question - is it possible to create such player using WPF MediaElement? (confusion is about file which is at the same time filled from capture and played in player)

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You need to make your question a lot more specific - break it into chunks that deal with specific problems you're having after attempting something. – Widor Apr 17 '12 at 14:17
I need a recommendation on which API (technology) to use for the capture, it is not question about problem it is about recommendation! – Dusan Apr 17 '12 at 14:23
In that case, it's not suitable for StackOverflow I'm afraid. – Widor Apr 17 '12 at 14:24
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Nice example how to make all what you want WebCam

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You can try library.

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I've used VlcDotNet. It is very flexible and simple to use. It has a pretty active user base as well.

I've used it for displaying live video streams as well as recording to files.

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I have used the AForge( set of libraries to accept the videos frame by frame. I used the (private void videoSourcePlayer1_NewFrame(object sender, ref Bitmap image)) function to do this.

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As they tagged WPF i assume they want to use it in WPF and aforge seems to only be winforms compatable – MikeT Mar 7 at 16:59

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