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I have a wpf application(No MVVM), this application requires several background thread(Runs with specific time interval).

These thread should be on Application Level i.e. if user is on any WPF Window, these threads should be active.

Basically these thread will are using external resources so locking is also required.

Kindly tell me the best way to do this.

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What are the background threads supposed to do? –  Vincent Hubert Apr 17 '12 at 14:40
For Example - A Thread will sync database values from server to local .xml file –  Jeetendra.Sharma Apr 17 '12 at 14:46
Why can't you just start them in AppStartup then? –  Anurag Ranjhan Apr 17 '12 at 15:00
Will it continually do it in a loop? At a predefined interval? When the UI notifies it? –  Vincent Hubert Apr 17 '12 at 15:10

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If you want to execute an action periodically in a WPF application you can use the DispatcherTimer class.

Put your code as the handler of the Tick event and set the Interval property to whatever you need. Something like:

DispatcherTimer dt = new DispatcherTimer();
dt.Tick += new EventHandler(timer_Tick);
dt.Interval = new TimeSpan(1, 0, 0); // execute every hour

// Tick handler    
private void timer_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // code to execute periodically
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One Doubt on this. Let say I write this code on MainWindow.Xaml.cs that is the statrtupURI, if user goes to Windows2.xaml will it thread remain active and still my code will execute after specified interval –  Jeetendra.Sharma Apr 18 '12 at 10:54
Thanks Tudor , this code is seems perfect for my situation, it is working properly –  Jeetendra.Sharma Apr 18 '12 at 11:11
@Jeetendra.Sharma: Glad to help. Please accept the answer if it solved your problem. :) –  Tudor Apr 18 '12 at 11:37
Tudor, I implemented on OnStart in App.xml.cs. I Created three DispatcherTimer Tread for 3 different task. On my landing page of application I have login button. Due to these Thread Login Button hangs for some time. When I Comment the dispatcher area my application is running very smoothly. –  Jeetendra.Sharma Apr 24 '12 at 6:55
Can you post the code in your original question please? –  Tudor Apr 24 '12 at 8:27
 private void InitializeDatabaseConnectionCheckTimer()
        DispatcherTimer _timerNet = new DispatcherTimer();
        _timerNet.Tick += new EventHandler(DatabaseConectionCheckTimer_Tick);
        _timerNet.Interval = new TimeSpan(_batchScheduleInterval);
    private void InitializeApplicationSyncTimer()
        DispatcherTimer _timer = new DispatcherTimer();
        _timer.Tick += new EventHandler(AppSyncTimer_Tick);
        _timer.Interval = new TimeSpan(_batchScheduleInterval);

    private void IntializeImageSyncTimer()
        DispatcherTimer _imageTimer = new DispatcherTimer();
        _imageTimer.Tick += delegate
            lock (this)
        _imageTimer.Interval = new TimeSpan(_batchScheduleInterval);

These three threads a intialized on App_OnStart

protected override void OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)
            _batchScheduleInterval = Convert.ToInt32(ApplicationConfigurationManager.Properties["BatchScheduleInterval"]);
        catch(InvalidCastException err)

        if (SessionManager.Instance.DriverId == null && _batchScheduleInterval!=0)

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What is the value of _batchScheduleInterval? –  Tudor Apr 24 '12 at 12:22
It gets the value from App.Config File (1000) –  Jeetendra.Sharma Apr 24 '12 at 12:52
And it blocks the UI thread immediately after this code runs? –  Tudor Apr 24 '12 at 12:54
yes, when I comment //if (SessionManager.Instance.DriverId == null && //_batchScheduleInterval!=0) // { // InitializeApplicationSyncTimer(); // InitializeDatabaseConnectionCheckTimer(); // IntializeImageSyncTimer(); // } Its work smoothly –  Jeetendra.Sharma Apr 24 '12 at 13:03
Hmm this is strange. So it should execute every 1000 minutes or seconds? –  Tudor Apr 24 '12 at 13:05

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