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i have two devices connected wireless on the same router. the one is my pc and the other is the smartphone. is it possible that, if i have instal the wireshark on the pc to capture the data/packets that the smartphone is sending and receiveing to a certain server which i know its ip? my pc has windows 2007 and the smartphone is an android device if its makes any difference i try to install the shart for root on the android device but it is not working due to that my android is not rooted, and i don't wont to lose everything from my phone in order to root it

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You can try using Cain & Abel. It will capture packets from your smartphone to router. To explain a bit, C&A will do ARP poisoning- meaning all the devices on your wireless network will assume that your desktop is the new router and all the incoming/outgoing traffic will go through your desktop. In this way you can capture the traffic on your phone without rooting it. I hope this helps.

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ok i have donwload it but i can't find how to capture the smartphone ip to check the data that are send and receive – prokopis Apr 17 '12 at 15:39
You should read the help section of this tool. It's very well documented. – 22kar Apr 17 '12 at 17:39

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