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I have a big web site build on ASP. Is there possibility to handle all exceptions in one place? Like Global.asax in ASP.NET application?


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Of course you've got an answer already to the question you actually asked. However your requirement from the content of your question is "How do I centrally handle an error".

So the solution to your problem (although not an answer to the question actually posed) is:

Use a custom error page at the applications root folder level that handles the status code 500.100.

You can determine the error using Server.GetLastError(), which returns an IASPError from which you can gather error details.

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Thanks, yours suits more! – Sergejs Apr 19 '12 at 8:21

Yes there is the global.asa file and No, it doesn't have the global OnException event like has.

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I am sure you can use a global.asa file in the root to handle site wide instances.

See "The Global.asa file" for more info.

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