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I'm trying to create pst msg store using IMAPISession method:

pses_->OpenMsgStore(0, prows->aRow[0].lpProps[1].Value.bin.cb, (LPENTRYID)prows->aRow[0].lpProps[1].Value.bin.lpb, NULL, MDB_WRITE | MAPI_DEFERRED_ERRORS | MAPI_BEST_ACCESS | MDB_NO_MAIL, &tmpPtr);

It uses PR_PST_PATH property provided in prows.

But now I need to open pst file in memory, i.e. using IStream in-memory stream implementation. someone tried to do something similar?

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You cannot do that. More than that, you cannot even open a PST file with the read-only bit set or on a read-only meadia.

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I know about read-only bit set. This is because of PST internal format (Nodes, BHT and so on). But why I can't provide IStream to save PST to it. An output file can be represented by IStream interface. I just want to write it not by path but by interface. – zabulus Apr 19 '12 at 6:10

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