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Is there any good way to pass an PHP Array to my JavaScript as JS Array?

if have this PHP Array:

array('XYZ' => 1, 'ABC' => 2);

and i need in my javascript, to print out some plots

var myData = [['XYZ', 1], ['ABC', 2]];


If i do console.log(); i get an object and not an array?

I think i have to parse the JSON in my JavaScript part of the application or? Is there any JQuery Plugin to convert this?

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If you want an array as the result of the json_encode you have to present it as non-associative array.

Try something like this:

$a=array('XYZ' => 1, 'ABC' => 2);
foreach ($a as $k=>$v)
   $r[]=array($k, $v);
echo json_encode($r);
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thats it! thanks –  ArneRie Apr 17 '12 at 16:42

If you do echo json_encode($myArray); it will echo out:

       "XYZ": "1",
       "ABC": "2"

Which you can use in js:

On your php page you can do:


   var myJson = <?php echo json_encode($myArray) ?>;


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Thanks but console.log says "object" wich is ok, but i need this[[]] Array format for an Plugin. –  ArneRie Apr 17 '12 at 15:14

you can use json_encode(array) at php side to conver php array to json. And then you can directly assign it to a js variable like var jsarray = jsonencodedphparray

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Jquery has it built in.

in PHP - Echo the response in json format echo json_encode(arr);

In the javascript - parse the json into an object var obj = $.parseJSON(response)

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No need for parseJSON.... –  Neal Apr 17 '12 at 15:06

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