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I have a bash script that has as a variable a urlencoded string, that I want to be decoded. I know this can be done with bash, but I thought I might as well just call a the PHP function urldecode() and be done with it.

I would have preferred to run the php function in the bash code, but I opted to write a very simple script

   echo urldecode($argv);

and call this script in the bash script

...#$MYURL is an encoded url
$MYURL="php myurldecodescript.php -- $MYURL"

Unfortunately this doesn't work. How is it best to do this?

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You can do this, using PHP, without having to create the myurldecodescript.php file. If you supply a -r option to PHP, it will run code that you specify in the command line. So you can do this:

MYURL=`php -r "echo urldecode('$MYURL');"`
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$MYURL="php myurldecodescript.php $MYURL"

not sure that the -- will work (I'm no bash expert !!) .... and in PHP do

echo urldecode($argv[1]);

$argv is an array

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MYURL=$(php myurldecodescript.php -- "$MYURL")
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Here you go:

echo $MYURL | sed -e's/%\([0-9A-F][0-9A-F]\)/\\\\\x\1/g' | xargs echo -e
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wow ... that looks a little different to my answer - perhaps i should stay away from these bash tagged questions !!! –  ManseUK Apr 17 '12 at 15:48

How about

MYURL=$(php -r 'echo urldecode($argv[1]);' "$MYURL")
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