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I currently have an HTML5 video event issue in Safari. I am playing a single video on my page. The video loads and plays correctly. However, the play event does not always fire. If the user:

  1. Clicks play
  2. Watches the video to the end (ended event fires)
  3. Clicks play again

The play event does not fire on the second click. If I pause/play the movie at that time, the correct events fire.

How can I make the video tag's play event fire if the video has completed and the user presses play again?

**drawVidPlayer is called with the videos index as part of the page render

function drawVidPlayer(vindex){
    var turl=vidList[vindex]['thumbUrl'];
    var vurl=vidList[vindex]['url'];
    var valias=vidList[vindex]['type'];
    $('#mediaspot').css('backgroundColor', '#000000');
    $('#mediaspot').html('<video controls="controls" id="twnvideo" poster="'+turl+'" style="height:225px; width:460px;"><source src="'+vurl+'" type="video/ogg" /><source src="'+vurl+'" type="video/mp4" /><source src="'+vurl+'" type="video/webm" />Your browser does not support the video tag.</video>').appendTo('#wrap_media_vod');
    var velem=document.getElementsByTagName('video')[0];    
    velem.addEventListener('play', initVidTimer, false);
    velem.addEventListener('pause', killVidTimer, false);
    velem.addEventListener('ended', killVidTimer, false);
function destroyVidPlayer(){
    var velem=document.getElementsByTagName('video')[0];
        velem.removeEventListener('play', initVidTimer);
        velem.removeEventListener('pause', killVidTimer);
        velem.removeEventListener('ended', killVidTimer);
function initVidTimer(){
            external.WriteLog('activity timer running');
        }, 5000);
function killVidTimer(){
    activityTimer=null; // Kill keepAlive timer
    var velem=document.getElementsByTagName('video')[0];
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HTML5 now specifies that the browser must throw the timeupdate, paused, and ended events when the playback position reaches the end of a media file, but the spec wasn't always that clear. As a result, this behavior is inconsistent between browsers. Some don't set paused=true or fire the paused event when the file ends.

In your Safari issue, paused is still equal to false when the video starts to play for the second time - so there is no reason for the browser to fire the play event again.

This may no longer be an issue in Safari 6, but it still breaks in IE 9. Take a look at the End Events column in this chart from longtailvideo.com - they outline the inconsistencies well.

It would easy to normalize this issue with a couple lines of code - like this:

$("video").on("ended", function () {
    if (!this.paused) this.pause();

This puts the video in the paused state on ended, so it will throw the play event correctly on replay.

You can try this working sample in IE 9 or to see what I mean on this jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/PWnUb/

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I had the same issue, I solved with a bit of jquery:

function videoend(){
     var duration = $("video").get(0).duration;
     var current = $("video").get(0).currentTime;

        //Whatever you wanna do when video ends

    setInterval("videoend()", 200); //or any other time you wanna use

Hope this helps.

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