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On a unix host, I'm logged in as 'userA' and have a directory 'test' with permission of


I can create a file in 'test' dir fine.

I then sftp to a remote box, with 'userB' (sftp userB@remotebox), and successfully Cd'ed into a remote dir on that box and can see files in that remote dir. I then do 'get myFile' from that remote dir, and I get this message:

Fetching /remoteDir/myFile to myFile Couldn't get handle: Permission denied

What do I need to check?

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Does the userB have the necessary permissions to read the file in the remoteBox? –  Pavan Manjunath Apr 17 '12 at 18:51
I think i know why: the file i'm trying to get on the remote box is: -rwxrwx--- and 'userB' does not belong to the group of that file's owner. Is that the reason? –  user1008636 Apr 17 '12 at 19:40

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The problem is with upload permissions to the remote directory. Check that you have appropriate write permissions for the remote directory.

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