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Verb Conjugations Database

I'm looking for an English word database in MySQL, or easily convertible to MySQL, that contains verb conjugations and plural/singular forms. I've looked at a couple of options: WordNet, GCIDE, etc.

However GCIDE does not seem to be comprehensive and WordNet does not seem to label conjugations by tense (correct me if I'm wrong).

My problem is similar to this one: Verb Conjugations Database

But it seems like no satisfactory, free solution was shared.

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Maybe what you are looking for is a morphological analyzer. Try WebJspell to check if JSpell would help you.

You can use the Jspell from Perl using the Lingua::Jspell. Its documentation includes lots of examples.

If you really need a list of words to add to your database you can extract it from JSpell dictionary. Take a look at the foreach_word method. The example code bellow should guide you, but I could not try it so I am not sure it will work.

$dic = jspell::dict::init("../en/en.dic") or die "could not open en.dic";
$en_dict = jspell::new("en") or die "could not load en

    sub {
        # gets each word from dictionary

        my @der = $en_dict->der($word);

        foreach $dword (@der) {
            # gets the features
        my @fea = $pt_dict->fea($dword);
            # do something with the $dword and the array of features @fea
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It looks like WebJspell doesn't seem to inflect irregular verbs (try "run" or "arise") or pluralize irregular nouns (try "analysis") properly. The list of irregular verbs is manageable so that I can build out a db by hand, but irregular nouns are a problem. –  wizardjoe Apr 17 '12 at 20:58
Indeed. I already successfully used it for Portuguese, but not for English. Maybe you should investigate other morphological analyzer, like Hunspell. It includes a very nice French dictionary with morphologic information, but I don't know if the English dictionary also includes it. –  wcolen Apr 18 '12 at 2:13

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