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I have just one text field where a user can enter there username or email address to reset there password.

First here is the code: (i only included code that i know where problem resides)

try {

    // connect to database
    $dbh = sql_con();

    // prepare query
    $stmt = $dbh->prepare("
                     SELECT COUNT(*)
                         user_login = :username
                         user_email = :email

    // execute query
    $stmt->execute(array(':username' => $username_email, ':email' => $username_email));

    if ($stmt->fetchAll() > 0) {

        // something was found
        // just echoing at the moment until i figure out what i am doing wrong
        echo 'i found something';

    } else {
        // nothing found
        echo 'i found nothing';

catch (PDOException $e) {


Not sure what i am doing wrong, probably something very silly, but when i enter a username or email address that i know is not in the database it still echos out i found something.

Could someone please tell me what i am doing wrong please ?

I was going to use rowCount but as suggested by the PHP manual it states:

PDOStatement::rowCount() returns the number of rows affected by the last DELETE, INSERT, > or UPDATE statement executed by the corresponding PDOStatement object. If the last SQL statement executed by the associated PDOStatement was a SELECT statement, some databases may return the number of rows returned by that statement.
However, this behaviour is not guaranteed for all databases and should not be relied on > for portable applications.

So basically the php manual is saying i should do a Count(*) before performing my real query then work with the result.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated as always!

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Do you maybe mean if (count($stmt->fetchAll()) > 0) {

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thank you... i altered code to what you shown above and altered SQL query and it now works. Thank you, phplover –  PHPLOVER Apr 17 '12 at 16:52

That's because fetchAll() returns an array. even if the query result has no rows, you still get at least an empty array, and...

php > var_dump(array() > 0);

You need to do

if ($stmt->rowCount > 0) { ... }

instead. And besides, you're doing a COUNT(*), so regardless of what's matched, you'll get a single row result that contains the matched count. You'd need to fetch that one row, and check the value of that counted field.

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It is mentioned in the question why he does not use this. That's why I'm voting down. –  Simon André Forsberg Apr 17 '12 at 16:41

$statement -> fetchAll () will return an array. Comparing it to 0 makes no sense. You probably meant to count() the number of elements in the resultset returned from $statement -> fetchAll ()

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