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in Python-dbus one can connect user specific dbus like ..

import dbus
bus1 = dbus.bus.BusConnection("tcp:host=,port=1234")

how can one achive the same in QtDbus in C++ ? all I can find is Just are static functions, like QDBusConnection::SessionBus or QDBusConnection::SystemBus ... and possibility to connect the other user specific bus seems to be missing in QtDbus/C++ ?

any example code or hint are welcomed.

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hi Karl, I want to listen to signals from a remote session bus, which I am broadcasting over TCP/IP.. using above python call, I can connect to remote dbus... but how to do this in Qt ? QDBusConnection::SessionBus or QDBusConnection::SystemBus are very session and machine dependent..., and the techbase.kde article you pointed using session and system bus :( .. –  P M Apr 17 '12 at 16:41

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You should be able to do this using QDBusConnection::connectToBus(QString&,QString&). Something like:

bus = QDBusConnection::connectToBus("tcp:host=,port=1234", "mybus");
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