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I'm writing some code to crawl webpages to extract product price data. On some pages I need to visit more than 3k pages per day, so I don't want to blow up their servers by requesting 100 pages/sec.

What is considered good crawling/scraping speed for a single site?

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It depends on the site, most popular websites have a robots.txt that tells you what's the maximum frequency at which you should crawl the website. Always check what the robots.txt says and only crawl as frequently as you need the data as long as it's under the limits specified in robots.txt: i.e. be polite! If you need 3k pages a day, that's about 1 page per 28 seconds, so you don't need to crawl much faster than that. –  Lirik Apr 17 '12 at 18:11

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For example Googlebot almost never crawls more than 1 req/sec on normal sites. It is also adaptive, so when it sees that webserver is getting slower, it will slow down(plus the website owner can control its speed via Google Webmaster tools). When you realize that typical page on typical web can take 0.1-0.3 seconds to generate, using 1 req/sec is a good starting point.

For known big sites you can be faster, because they have more powerful servers (pages generated in less time) and they are tuned for many visitors - so if their average load is 1000 req/sec, you can easily get yourself 10 req/sec. Of course only if their robots.txt doesn't tell you the required speed.

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I say one at a time is a good rule of thumb and that way you don't have to worry about threads.

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