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im just starting with lift and scala and have a problem i dont realy understand.

i have the folowing index.html


And the following snippet:

class Members {
  def list(xhtml: NodeSeq) =
  Member.findAll.flatMap(member => bind("m",xhtml
                                       ,"nick" -> member.nickName

for some reason i get the following error. ive tried alot of things but cant get it to work. whats wrong?

XML Parsing Error: prefix not bound to a namespace
Location: http://localhost:8080/hazardlift-1.0-SNAPSHOT/
Line Number 8, Column 25:<td><m:nick></m:nick></td>
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Maybe lift doesn't get how to handle your return value. Try forcing an implicit conversion to NodeSeq by specifing it as returntype.

def list(xhtml: NodeSeq) : NodeSeq = 
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That worked, thanks alot. How could one discover that in a good way? The error was not really helpfull... – Mikael Sundberg Jun 20 '09 at 8:15
An exception should direct you to the log. You'll probably see in your log that there was a failure trying to match the snippet. It's standard that snippets need return types, so that should prompt you to check the type signature on your snippet delcaration. – Joe Sep 9 '09 at 14:51

I just found another cause of this error - an unresolved tag.

I had this HTML:

<div >
    <h3>Request Information</h3>


I had written this for renderContent:

def renderContent(ns: NodeSeq): NodeSeq = {
  val key = beginTrans(DisplayData.logger)
  var result = ns

  try {
    var requestID = DisplayData.getParameter("request")
    bind("f", ns, "rowTag" -> <p>Request ID: {requestID}</p>)
  catch {
    case t: Throwable => DisplayData.logger.error("[DetailedRequestData$.renderContent] ", t)

  endTrans(DisplayData.logger, key)

Since I had not assigned the result of the bind to result, I was returning the unmodified NodeSeq and got the same prefix not bound to a namespace error. Changing the one statement to:

    result = bind("f", ns, "rowTag" -> <p>Request ID: {requestID}</p>)

Yes, this was my own stupid fault, but by documenting the problem here, hopefully I will save someone else from having this same problem and not knowing why.

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