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i'm looking for a stripped down version of Twitter's Bootstrap for my website the problem with the original version is:

  • interfere with the current CSS styles
  • Twitter Bootstrap is giant and mounstrous (but clean) CSS
  • i really don't need that works in IE6 IE7

trying to strip down by myself looks like a titanic task and i'm not sure if can i keep all the changes needed, also i can try to do it again if anyone can bring me more ideas how to do it more easly.

The concrete question is: there are somewhere in the internet a stripped version of twitter bootstrap that is tailor made to work with Jquery-upload-file without everything else that offer the toolkit?

if such thing doesn't exists i'm open to suggestion to make this task more bereable

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You can create your own customized version of bootstrap using their on-line tool, otherwise you'd need to tweak and re-compile the css using less.

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