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I've notice that when I include password hashing with require "digest/sha1" on top of my model, every time I make some change in my app, I have to restart server to see changes.

That is kind of annoying and it is slowing down development a lot, especially for beginner like me.

I've seen somewhere that with require_dependency "digest/sha1" it should work, but it is not working for me (saying no file error).

I'm not sure even where to put require_dependency as I haven't found any example.

There should be some way to make it work, as it is quite common problem, maybe I was just looking to wrong places.



I've came to conclusion that error comes when my Ubuntu machine goes to sleep. After wake up, local server (tried thin and WEBrick) give that error.


It has nothing to do with Ubuntu sleep. I had a function named hash that was giving errors every time, complaining that it got wrong number of arguments, but that function was never called.

So, I've renamed it to encrypt and now it is working, but I'm not 100% sure that it is solution, I have to test is more.

If it will be ok, that would be a strange bug, I will post an answer.

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I have used the md5 instead of sha1 and it never required a reboot to test, are you sure your problem is nowhere else? –  Dominic Goulet Apr 17 '12 at 18:41

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In development mode, by default, anything in app/ or config/routes.rb is reloaded between requests. If this is not happening for you, it's probably not caused by the require. It's more likely that you've turned off reloading inadvertently.

I've used digest/sha1 in many projects before and have never had this problem, usually including it in the User model where it's used.

Can you replicate this problem in a brand new Rails project? Does the problem go away if you remove that line? If so that is very odd.

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I will try on new project and paste everything relevant –  10robinho Apr 17 '12 at 19:38

If you remove require "digest/sha1" all works fine?
Anyway check for config.cache_classes = false in config/environments/development.rb

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