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Is this a good idea? Instead of create a class with two method (insert and update) and two validation methods (validateInsert and validateUpdate), create three classes: one called ProductDB, another ProductInsert (with methods Insert and Validate) and another ProductUpdate (with same methods of ProductInsert).

Is this more readable, flexible and testable?

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PaulG's answer leans more towards the traditional domain object pattern, which I'm not in favor of. Personally, my preference is to have a separate class for each process (like your ProductInsert and ProductUpdate). This is akin to what one sees in the simple bank example where Deposit is a instance of a class as opposed to a method on a BankAccount class. When you start thinking about business processes that have more stuff, like rules and actions to be taken and auditing/persistence of the action itself (say a ProductInsert table to track insertions), the more you realize the business process should be a first class citizen in its own right.

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This sounds like a language-independent question. I would just create the one class and call it Product, and have the appropriate methods within the class. Think about what a mess it would be when actually instantiating your separate objects (unless you have static methods).

Also having a concrete Product class will allow you to store object specific information.


Product myProduct = new Product()

myProduct.name = "cinnamon toast crunch"

myProduct.price = 3.99

In my opinion have separate classes would make your code a lot less readable and testable.

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