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I have a couple models lets call them Model A and Model B. There is a foreign key to A from B.
That is the cardinality between A and B is 1:n.

I have made a corresponding ModelForm for B called MF_B. I have an additional field I define in B. e.g.

class MF_B(forms.ModelForm):

    stuff = forms.MultipleChoiceField(queryset=None, required=False)

    class Meta:

as the code above implies, I want to populate the choices here with a queryset. (i've omitted the override code in init() that we would use to set the queryset on the stuff field)

The deal is I want to use inlineformset_factory to create on one page a form with A and several forms with B.

I wanted to just pass a bunch of new kwargs to inlineformset_factory but it kept complaing about unexpected keyword arguments and after looking at the backend code in django, I understand why: inlineformset_factory doesn't take custom kwargs. it only takes kwargs defined in the method sig.

def inlineformset_factory(parent_model, model, form=ModelForm,
                          formset=BaseInlineFormSet, fk_name=None,
                          fields=None, exclude=None,
                          extra=3, can_order=False, can_delete=True, max_num=None,

I don't think ican use formfield_callback because i need to pass self.request.user to filter objects that come back in the queryset.

any suggestions?

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This was answered here including an example that uses request.user to filter the inline forms' fields. –  dgel Apr 17 '12 at 19:36
@dgel Thanks! I'll give it a shot. –  w-- Apr 17 '12 at 20:31
@dgel am using django 1.3 and class-based views. Will i still be able to access self.request somehow? Am trying it now but in case you know ahead of time. –  w-- Apr 17 '12 at 20:41
Haven't actually used class-based views. As long as you create the inlineformset_factory and pass it the formfield_callback somewhere request.user is visible, you should be alright. –  dgel Apr 17 '12 at 20:45
err.. formfield_callback doesn't execute on custom fields in a modelForm =\. Maybe you can tell me if i'm crazy? django/forms/models.py -> def fields_for_model -> line 146 –  w-- Apr 17 '12 at 22:18

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In order to restrict the MultipleChoiceField to a queryset you specify you have to use a factory. In this case it would be a inlineformset_factory_factory which is a little confusing, but for example:

in a forms.py (or similar)

def make_inlineformset_factory(queryset, xmodel):
    Returns an Inlineformset factory for the given queryset . . .
    class My_inlineformset_factory():
        stuff = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=queryset)
        class Meta:
            model = xmodel
    return My_inlineformset_factory

Specifically I am thinking an approach similar to the first answer here: django: How to limit field choices in formset? but then adapt it for the Inlineformset_factory appropriately.

I may edit to add more detail and description when I can find the time later.

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