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I want to make something like:

cat somefile | emacs

and this should open emacs with a buffer containing somefile contents.

Is there an option for this?

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If you're flexible about the format of the command, some shells have process substitution via temporary files. For example, in zsh you could do:

emacs =(cat somefile)

Any process that generates output can be used in the parentheses. Zsh will save it to a temporary file, then invoke emacs with that filename.

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Usually Emacs users prefer to have a long running Emacs instance rather than opening and closing frequently. Bearing that in mind, you could try doing the following in an Emacs buffer:

Ctrl+x i file name

to insert the contents of a file into the current buffer. You could also try using:

Ctrl+u Alt+! some shell command RET

if you want to insert output of any general shell command inserted into the buffer.

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