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I'm using the Pony gem for ruby on rails, and am wondering if there's a way to intercept mail in the development and staging environments (any non-production environment) and send it to a controlled address, like you can do with ActionMailer.

I know with ActionMailer you just can just use an interceptor...

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I personally use mailcatcher as an interceptor (I'm not sure if I'm using "interceptor" to mean the same thing you are though). Then you just need to set the default Pony.options :via_options to smtp:// and the mail will get sent to mailcatcher.

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Just patch the mail method in the Pony object for your environment. Something like this...

class Pony
  alias_method :original_mail, :mail

  def mail(args)
    args[:to] = 'intercept@example.com'
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I can see how, adding some conditions based on Rails.env, this could do just what I want! I'll give it a shot. –  mltsy Nov 29 '12 at 21:06

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