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I'm very new to Cascading and Hadoop both, so be gentle... :-D

I think I'm finding myself way over-engineering something. Basically my situation is that I have a pipe delimited file with 9 fields. I want to compute some aggregated statistics over those 9 fields using different groupings. The result should be 10 fields of which only 6 are either counts or sums. So far I'm up to 4 Unique pipes, 4 CountBy pipes, 1 SumBy, 1 GroupBy, 1 Every, 2 Each, 5 CoGroups and a couple others. I'm needing to add another small piece of functionality and the only way I can see to do it is to add in 2 Filters, 2 more CoGroups and 2 more Each pipes. This all seems like way overkill just to compute a few aggregated statistics. So I'm thinking I'm really misunderstanding something.

My input file looks like this:

storeID | invoiceID | groupID | customerID | transaction date | quantity | price | item type | customer type

Item type is either "I", "S" or "G" for inventory, service or group items, customers belong to groups. The rest should be self-explanatory

The result I want is:

project ID | storeID | year | month | unique invoices | unique groups | unique customers | customer visits | inventory type sales | service type sales |

project ID is a constant, customer visits is how many days during the month the customer came in and bought something

The setup that I'm using right now uses a TextDelimited Tap as my source to read the file and passes the records to an Each pipe which uses a DateParser to parse the transaction date and adds in year, month and day fields. So far so good. This is where it gets out of control.

I'm splitting the stream from there up into 5 separate streams to process each of the aggregated fields that I want. Then I'm joining all the results together in 5 CoGroup pipes, sending the result through Insert (to insert the project ID) and writing through a TextDelimited sink Tap.

Is there an easier way than splitting into 5 streams like that? The first four streams do almost the exact same thing just on different fields. For example, the first stream uses a Unique pipe to just get unique invoiceID's then uses a CountBy to count the number of records with the same storeID, year and month. That gives me the number of unique invoices created for each store by year and month. Then there is a stream that does the same thing with groupID and another that does it with customerID.

Any ideas for simplifying this? There must be an easier way.

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Well one very big aha!! moment this afternoon as it clicked that I could create a UniqueCountAggregator that will only count unique occurences of a field value. I'll either chain several of those together or create one that aggregates over 3 or 4 fields at once. Any suggestions for which way might be better? – Dave Kincaid Apr 17 '12 at 21:13
A much better solution was given by Ken Krugler on the cascading-user Google group:!topic/… – Dave Kincaid Apr 18 '12 at 4:37

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