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I am using this library for curl

invoking it like this:

    $curl = new CURL(); //initialize object

    $curl -> addSession($myurl1, $opts);
    $curl -> addSession($myurl2, $opts);            

    $results = $curl -> exec();

    $curl -> clear();

Now the oddity:

... if $myurl1 it's any site but mine it's ok...

... if $myurl1 or $myurl2 is the url of any page of my site (built using codeigniter frameworks), i dont get the expected page in $result, but a question mark and then the expected page (i.e ? blabla)

if I go with my browser to $myurl1, there isnt any ? in the source code.

So where does this ? come from?

I thought of some opening/closing php tag badly written, but

  • I spent 1 hour searching for it and did not find any
  • if that was the case i should see the ? even in my browser

I really can't figure out where the "?" is coming from, I'm even thinking of stripping the first string of the curl response if it is a question mark, because it seems I cant deal with it


I solved it, it was a problem with BOM. In fact, the problem was i gave to translate a file to another person who used a different OS and editor. So the file come back with another Encode but i didnt recognize it. And the LANGUAGE FILE in codeigniter framework was causing the ? at the beginning of the TEMPLATE FILE. I couldnt find out by myself, i used this tool

to check if there were any files with BOM

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Byte order mark? – kirilloid Apr 17 '12 at 19:57
My guess is that you're using the wrong curl method, or just using that method incorrectly, because instead of it being the url, its take your data as an argument to a url. – Kristian Apr 17 '12 at 19:59
kirillod you may be right, i didnt know the BOM but after some research it may be the cause of my issue... – alessiop86 Apr 17 '12 at 21:09

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