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I would like to insert a record with children, and then display the written contents on the screen in c#. This is what I have so far:

    MongoCollection<BsonDocument> house= building.GetCollection<BsonDocument>("house");
    BsonDocument rooms= new BsonDocument {
                { "roomName", name},
                { "location",  <--child array here: 1stfloor, 2ndlfloor, topfloor.
                { "roomID", guidstring}

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Do you mean for debugging purposes? You can convert the document to a JSON string for that:


You can also use the mongo shell to look at your documents. Run the mongo shell and then type:

> use buildings // or whatever your database name is
> db.house.find()
... your documents displayed here

If your collection has lots of documents you will probably want to include some kind of query to narrow down which documents are displayed.

You should also consider defining a domain model using C# classes and letting the driver convert them to and from BSON documents for you.

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