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This may seem like an odd question, but I'm looking for a comment generator for HTML language. Although I'm sure the same applies to any language.

What I mean by a comment generator is that when you comment out code in HTML to remind yourself what bits do what, you would just do <!-- Title --> right?

But I've seen this developer that has massive 'commented out titles' for huge chucks of code he's working on so he doesn't get lost. The actual 'commented out text' is made up of characters making it appear like its actual text. Its kind'a hard to explain, but I'll try my best to do a rough example below:


Humm.. that worked better than expected, but you get what I mean right? Just wondering if there's a generator out there that does this for me.

I don't even know what this 'art form' is called.


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ASCII art. There's something called AAlib but it doesn't necessarily apply to HTML comments specifically. –  RiverC Apr 17 '12 at 20:27

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This "art form" is often called "ASCII art". You can find an online generator at FIGlet.

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Ah, I found a cool generator: patorjk.com/software/taag Sooo many to choose from! I have no idea! Thanks –  Oliver Jones Apr 17 '12 at 20:34

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