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So I can export my RCP application and find the .pref files specific to my application under the .settings folder in my export directory.

Where are the application .prefs file stored when I run/debug the application in the eclipse IDE? For instance I run my program from the eclipse ide and it does what's below. Where can I find the preference file for this?

Preferences prefs = ConfigurationScope.INSTANCE.getNode("hostname.controllers");
    prefs.putInt("numCtrlrs", 2);
    prefs.put("ctrlr1", "");
    prefs.put("ctrlr2", "");

    } catch (BackingStoreException e) {
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When running your RCP in the IDE, it is using a workspace set up in the run/debug configuration (typically named and residing in the same path as your running Eclipse workspace).

The preference file can be found within this runtime workspace, in the corresponding path.

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To expand on tkotisis's answer, an example of the location paths would be as follows for preferences using ConfigurationScope and InstanceScope. If we use the following code in an RCP application:

IEclipsePreferences sharedPreferences = ConfigurationScope.INSTANCE.getNode("ConfigurationScopeExample"); 
sharedPreferences.put("Property1", "Value1");

IEclipsePreferences workspacePreferences = InstanceScope.INSTANCE.getNode("InstanceScopeExample"); 
workspacePreferences.put("Property2", "Value2");

And we launch the RCP application through the IDE with the name "TestRcp.application" and workspace space "${workspace_loc}/../runtime-TestRcp.application" (seen as follows):

The respective preference files will be created/updated:


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