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I was using mysql db to run rspec in rails. After I create an object using factoryGirl, I would like to destroy it so that the db looks clean for the next spec running. Here is how i set up in my spec:

before (:each) do
  @user = Factory.create :user

after (:each) do

I got an error running rspec:

Failure/Error: @user.destroy_all
   uninitialized constant User::connection

Failure/Error: @user.destroy
   uninitialized constant User::connection

I do set up :dependent => :destroy in user model What is wrong here?

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be careful... and not to say factoryWife! That would be even harder to destroy! So be careful before upgrading .... :-) – TMS Apr 17 '12 at 21:10

The issue is that the Object referenced with the @user class variable is an "Uninitialized Constant". IE, FactoryGirl is working fine, your variables are not correctly instantiating the @user object. You probably have an reference to connection when connection is not a datbase table field.

If it was a MySQL issue, there would be error messages associated with ActiveRecord.

If you want to clean your database before/after tests, try using this gem. It works great.

Here's how I configured with RSpec in a rails project,

RSpec.configure do |config|        
  config.before(:suite) do
    DatabaseCleaner.strategy = :transaction
  config.before(:each) do
  config.after(:each) do
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