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I'm trying to specify a new ConnectionIdFactory and have included the following code into global.asax's Application_Start method. I have references to both SignalR and SignalR.Hosting.AspNet assmeblies.

                                              () => new MyConnectionIdFactory());

The "Register" method shows a "Cannot resolve symbol 'Register'" on the editor. If I try to compile, I get

'SignalR.Hosting.AspNet.AspNetHost.DependencyResolver' is not supported by the language

UPDATE 4/18: Has anyone done this in 0.5? I want to try it in the latest codebase, but I know the AspNetHost namespace is deprecated in 0.5.

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Jonas Stawski says AspNetHost is deprecated in 0.5.

Instead, you can use:


Here is another article on the changes in 0.5.

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I figured it out- It turns out I was running SignalR 0.5 with Signal.Hosting.AspNet 0.4. (face-slap). This happened because I was trying to use my own IConnectionIdFactory in 0.5 earlier, but couldn't figure it out so went back to 0.4. I thought I deleted all references, but I guess I missed something.

Hope this helps another lost soul.

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