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I have a b2Body that is heading toward the top of the screen at an unknown "linearVelocity.y". How can I have the linearVelocity slow down and be 0 when it is just below the top and let gravity take over?

  • I've tried LinearDamping, but the object doesn't always slow down enough before leaving the top of the screen.
  • I've also tried to use ApplyImpulse with -linearVelocity.y when the object.position >= screen.Height - object.contentSize.height, but that doesn't seem to slow it down in a smooth enough manner.

Any help would be amazing!

Edit: An example of this could be the height limit in the game "Tiny Wings"

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Instead of applying the entire negative impulse in a single frame... detect when your body has passed a certain height, and start to slowly decrement the linear velocity by a small amount over the course of multiple frames, until the linearVelocity reaches 0... at that point, you can simply let gravity take over.

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I guess my question now is... How much do I need to decrement it every frame since the the linearVelocity.y can be a variety of difference speeds? Thanks for the response! –  Rob White Apr 17 '12 at 22:31
You can experiment with different amounts to find out what looks right, but if I were you, I would decrement the velocity based on how fast it was going when it passed initially passed your threshold, and how far past the threshold it currently is... –  Michael Fredrickson Apr 17 '12 at 22:41
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