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I'm trying to integrate "pinning" functionality into my OpenLayers popups. Right now, when the user clicks on a "pin" image I've placed inside a popup, I want the source to toggle between the pinned.png image and an unpinned.png image.

I'm trying to do so like this:

var pHtml =; = pHtml.replace("pinned.png", "unpinned.png");

This seems to change the popupContentHTML variable (because when I console.log it, the "pinned.png" has been replaced with "unpinned.png" for the marker), but the HTML on-screen does not change.

Is there an easier way to do this, or is there a way to refresh the popup to display the new popupContentHTML?

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There's a setter function for the HTML content that also updates the DOM element for the popup. It's called setContentHTML.

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