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I am running PHP 5.4.0 on Linux.

Here is the code in ZEND_MINIT_FUNCTION

#ifdef ZTS
ts_allocate_id( &sample_globals_id,
    (ts_allocate_ctor) php_sample_init_globals,
    (ts_allocate_dtor) php_sample_destroy_globals);
    php_sample_init_globals(& sample_globals TSRMLS_CC);

This code crashes, when module finishes its MSHUTDOWN. GDB points to TSRM.c , this line (the call to dtor):

if (p->storage[j]) {
    if (resource_types_table && !resource_types_table[j].done && resource_types_table[j].dtor) {
    resource_types_table[j].dtor(p->storage[j], &p->storage);

Even stranger, when I replace the destructor function with NULL, it works. Like this:

ts_allocate_id( &sample_globals_id,
    (ts_allocate_ctor) php_sample_init_globals,
    NULL ); //Works, but destructor is not called

Perhaps anybody has an idea why this could happen? Thank you

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What form of crash? Could this be a double free? – therefromhere Apr 18 '12 at 1:03
I don't think so, it crashes even when the destructor php_sample_destroy_globals() is empty. The crash is segmentation fault – Vasisualiy Apr 18 '12 at 10:18
Actually, it looks very similar to this case osdir.com/ml/php.pecl.devel/2007-03/msg00036.html – Vasisualiy Apr 18 '12 at 10:30

Found it. Strangely, this is not described in ANY tutorial, but the answer lies in source codes in ext directories.

I've added the next code to MSHUTDOWN

#ifdef ZTS

And now it works fine. Phhew...

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