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Is there a way to get namespace object by its name? For example:

(def ns-symbol (ns-name *ns*))          ;; get namespace name as symbol
(def ns-object (ns-by-name ns-as-str))  ;; convert it back to namespace object

So in this example I need function ns-by-name.

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(ns-name *ns*) returns a symbol not a string, so your ns-as-str is misnamed...

(type (ns-name *ns*))

Given that, converting it back is as simple as...

(find-ns (ns-name *ns*))
#<Namespace user>

If you really want the name of the namespace to be a string...

(def ns-as-str (str (ns-name *ns*)))
(def ns-object (find-ns (symbol ns-as-str))
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Actually I was interested on how to get namespace object from any representation, no matter string or symbol, so didn't pay much attention to return type of ns-name. Thanks for noticing, and for answer of course. –  ffriend Apr 18 '12 at 0:09

The find-ns function would probably do the trick:

user=> (def ns-as-str (ns-name *ns*)) 
user=> (def ns-object (find-ns ns-as-str)) 
user=> ns-object
#<Namespace user>
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find-ns seems to be more idiomatic, so I accepted @sw1nn's answer, but create-ns will definitely work too. Thanks. –  ffriend Apr 18 '12 at 0:10

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