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I wrote a collectd plugin in ruby that is suppose to check passengers status and report back the various metrics. When I test my script on the all works well, but when I attempt to run my script through collectd it fails with the following message.

"ERROR: You are not authorized to query the status for this Phusion Passenger instance. Please try again with 'sudo'."

I then changed my ruby script to use the sudo command for passenger status which resulted in

"exec plugin: exec_read_one: error = sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo"

I then tried getting collectd to run the script as root but I got the following

"exec plugin: Cowardly refusing to exec program as root."

I am not sure what else I can try. the command that is failing when used by a user other that root is passenger-status

Here is the script

#!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'getoptlong'

# The name of the collectd plugin, something like apache, memory, mysql, interface, ... PLUGIN_NAME = 'passenger-status'

def usage puts("#{$0} -h [-i ]") exit end

# Main begin # Sync stdout so that it will flush to collectd properly. $stdout.sync = true

# Parse command line options hostname = nil sampling_interval = 20 # sec, Default value opts = GetoptLong.new( [ '--hostid', '-h', GetoptLong::REQUIRED_ARGUMENT ], [ '--sampling-interval', '-i', GetoptLong::OPTIONAL_ARGUMENT ] ) opts.each do |opt, arg| case opt when '--hostid' hostname = arg when '--sampling-interval' sampling_interval = arg.to_i end end usage if !hostname

# Collection loop while true do start_run = Time.now.to_i next_run = start_run + sampling_interval

# collectd data and print the values
data = `passenger-status`
max = data.match(/max (.*)/).to_s.split.last
count = data.match(/count (.*)/).to_s.split.last
active = data.match(/active (.*)/).to_s.split.last
inactive = data.match(/inactive (.*)/).to_s.split.last
waiting = data.match(/Waiting on global queue: ([\d]+)/).to_s.split.last
puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-max_allowed_connections #{start_run}:#{max}")
puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-thread_count #{start_run}:#{count}")
puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-threads_active #{start_run}:#{active}")
puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-threads_inactive #{start_run}:#{inactive}")
puts("PUTVAL #{hostname}/#{PLUGIN_NAME}/gauge-waiting_in_queue #{start_run}:#{waiting}")

# sleep to make the interval
while((time_left = (next_run - Time.now.to_i)) > 0) do

end end

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Can you show us the code you've tried? That would help. –  Jwosty Apr 18 '12 at 0:58
I have added the entire script to my OP –  Steven_JP Apr 18 '12 at 2:08

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Looking into the phusion_passenger/admin_tools/server_instance.rb file I was able to determine what file passenger was using to make the determination weather a user would be able to run the passenger-status command or not.

filename = "#{@generation_path}/passenger-status-password.txt" password = File.open(filename, "rb") do |f| f.read end rescue Errno::EACCES raise RoleDeniedError

the file it was trying to read was passenger-status-password.txt this file is located in the /tmp/passenger.1.0.19198/generation-1/directory for Passenger version 3.0.9 on CentOS 5.7. I chmod'd the file to 644 and this fixed the issue. this solution also applies if someone wants to run the passenger-status command without sudo.

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