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I've build a Database Molde Diagram in Visio 2010 and am trying to Forward engineer the diagram as Schema.

I'm stuck on fixing the following warnings i get:

 warning : 'User_Screen_SCREENS_FK1' : Relationship has cardinality other than either zero-or-one or exactly-one, yet the child columns form a key.

The two table in question are below:

enter image description here

The Screens table is where i store all the "Screens" available in this application, User_Screens is used to controls screens a user has access to. (there is separate Users table which has a 1 to 0 or more relationship User_Screen).

I am not sure where the problem is and how to fix it? Would anyone be able to tell me where I've gone wrong?


modified the relationship and included all related table to better illustrate the problem in image below:

enter image description here

Errors i have:

 error : 'User_Screen_SCREENS_FK1' : Child column(s) not specified.

Warnings i cant get rid off:

warning : 'POSITION_USERS_FK1' : Relationship has a cardinality of either zero-or-one or exactly-one, yet the child columns form part of a key.

 warning : 'User_Screen_SCREENS_FK1' : Child columns overlap with child columns of USERS_SCREENS_FK1.

 warning : 'USERS_SCREENS_FK1' : Relationship has cardinality other than either zero-or-one or exactly-one, yet the child columns form a key.
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I think it's confused because you're trying to add a PK from each table as a FK in each table. Try giving each table a single PK, a basic autonumber INT, and elimnate your multi-column primary keys:

Screens: PK: ScreenID INT | FK: PositionID

Positions: PK: PositionID INT | PositionName VARCHAR

User_Screens: PK: UserScreenID INT | FK: UserID | FK: ScreenID

This splits the screen-level information and the user-level information: for example, you don't need the positionID in both tables (if I understand what that means), it just belongs to the screen. You can get the position information from your join. This would give you all screen positions for a given User:

SELECT [PositionName] FROM UserScreens t1 JOIN Screens t2 ON t1.ScreenID = t2.ScreenID JOIN Positions t3 ON t2.PositionID = t3.PositionID WHERE t1.UserID = 12345

UPDATE: you're still defining too many foreign keys where they aren't necessary. For example, the Screens table doesn't need a FK on UserPK because the UserScreens table is going to be the link between them. Ignoring non-PK and non-FK fields:

[Users]: UserPK
[Screens]: ScreenPK, PositionPK_FK
[UserScreen]: UserScreenPK, UserPK_FK, ScreenPK_FK

If the position can change between users, MOVE the PositionPK_FK to [UserScreen].

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thanks for the comments. I changed the relationship structure (see updated question) and tried your suggestions but Visio doesn't liek the changes and make the relationship marked as invalid (dotted line) –  John Younan Apr 18 '12 at 1:55
The Position table should only be linked with the Screen table, OR with the UserScreen table if the position can change based on the user. The Screens table needs a PK, and that needs to be a FK on the UserScreens table. The User PK should ONLY be a FK on the UserLogin and UserScreens table - remove the FK from Screens. –  Russell Fox Apr 19 '12 at 16:53
Users table should not have any FKs. –  Russell Fox Apr 19 '12 at 17:04

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