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EDIT: Solved, will mark my answer when SO lets me :)

I'm using greenDAO to generate a bunch of classes, and it when I try to get GSON to serialise them, it seems to attempt to serialise some of the fields generated by greenDAO (Which are of no interest to me) and crashes. The object I wish to serialise references other generated objects and lists of generated objects.

GSON says it allows serialisation described by toString() methods, I tried different approaches, but when I examine the output to a file it just appears as the toString() method. Could somebody show me how you could produce a JSON object from a toString() method, or suggest another way to do a custom serialisation.

My Thanks :)

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Figured it out in the end :) Turns out I needed to implement a JsonSerializer for each of my objects and specify the serialisation manually. Very tedious! References to other objects require nesting, which I did by using the toJsonTree() method. Here's my most readable serializer

private class InfoSerializer implements JsonSerializer<Info>
    public JsonElement serialize(Info src, Type typeOfSrc,
            JsonSerializationContext context)
         JsonObject obj = new JsonObject();
         obj.addProperty("details", src.getDetails());
         obj.addProperty("hostId", src.getHostId());
         obj.addProperty("dateCreated", src.getDateCreated().toString());
         obj.addProperty("expiryDate", src.getExpiryDate().toString());
         obj.add("alternativeInfo", getGsonInstance().toJsonTree(src.getAlternativeInfo()));
         obj.add("alternativeTimes", getGsonInstance().toJsonTree(src.getAlternativeTimes()));
         return obj;

Note: getGsonInstance() is a method I wrote to return a singleton Gson Object.

And it is called by:

public String infoToJson(Info i)
    GsonBuilder gson = new GsonBuilder();
    gson.registerTypeAdapter(Info.class, new InfoSerializer());
    return gson.create().toJson(i);
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If you're just trying to avoid serializing certain fields, remember that you can label them with the transient keyword. This means they will not be serialized by Gson.

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The problem is that if (and probably when) I regenerate the greenDao objects I would have to manually re-label a good 100 fields as transient. –  Chironex Apr 18 '12 at 22:46
Ah, bummer. I'm a bit surprised a DAO lib would lack support for transient fields. –  Tom Apr 18 '12 at 22:53
The main problem is it generates a lot of fields which are used for it's own database mappings and the internal functions, which I can't edit before the classes are generated. –  Chironex Apr 18 '12 at 23:33
I see. I appreciate the info. (I'm currently keeping my eye on Java ORM for SQLite, so this is helpful!) –  Tom Apr 18 '12 at 23:42
GreenDAO 1.3.7 label orm specific fields with transient. –  0mahc0 May 30 at 15:09

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