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I have my jQuery cycle slideshow working and would like to add custom CSS to the field elements of my slideshow.

To add a class to my fields, I have selected 'Customize field HTML' under STYLE SETTINGS .

I have also selected to 'Create a CSS class' and given it a name.

When I view my slideshow in the preview area using Firebug, I see that my tag and class has been applied to the body and image elements.

I added my CSS to my STYLE.CSS file. (Maybe these styles need to go elsewhere?) The styles are not showing up. I am guessing that I have not referenced them correctly in my STYLE.CSS file. I have just used

.dgImage {
  float:right} and .dbBody {width:300px;float:left

There is a #views_slidshow_cycle_div_dg_featured_slider that I noticed in Firebug. Do I need to append my class name to this long ? How do I know which to use with my CSS class? Drupal uses so many s. Thank you for your help.

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