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I would like my HTML website to automatically shrink entirely (images, text and all) when loaded in different size browser windows.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

I understand this website is flash I'm wondering if this can be accomplished with CSS?

I'm new to coding, please help!


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Like Elliot said, you can't do that. Aside from the solution, you may style your website differently for any resolution you want to support. This is accomplished through media queries, which are part of css3, and are very much supported by every major browser to date. You can read more about them here, here, and here, just to name a few places. Also, this is part of what is nowadays called Responsive Web Design.

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It's impossible to change the size of the browser window with CSS or Javascript, unfortunately. You can, however, resize a window opened with This won't do any good though as your browser's popup blocker will [almost always] prevent such a window from opening (I did read somewhere that if the window opening was a direct result of a user action it wouldn't be blocked, but I'm not sure...).

tl;dr: No, sorry.

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The closest you get to that is sizing and positioning everything with relative units (like % and em). But that has limitations, and can get really intricate. So it's actually media queries, as Julian suggested, or nothing!

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