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Given an image I have calculated the depth of every point in the image and I need to plot a map like this in MATLAB. Can someone suggest how I would go about this. enter image description here

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Assuming that you have your depth data stored in a 2D array called D, then you need to decide upon the gridded domain above which to plot D. I will assume that you care about the x-axis range [x_min, x_max] and the y-axis range [y_min, y_max], where these are each scalars that represent the minimum and maximum for each coordinate direction.

y_num = size(D,1); % <-- Number of points to use in y-axis grid.
x_num = size(D,2); % <-- Number of points to use in x-axis grid.

x_grid_vals = linspace(x_min,x_max,x_num);
y_grid_vals = linspace(y_min,y_max,y_num);

% Get full coordinate grid for the 3D plot.
[X,Y] = meshgrid(x_grid_vals,y_grid_vals);

% Plot the data.
% The surf() function plots the depth as 3D above the created grid.

Here is the surf() documentation.

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