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I need some help getting data from a dataset. Code:

            DataRelation relation = null;
            DataColumn table1Column = null;
            DataColumn table2Column = null;
            DataColumn table2Column1 = null;
            DataColumn table3Column = null;

            table1Column = tlobergeDataSet.Tb_Product.Columns[0];
            table2Column = tlobergeDataSet.Tb_Transactions.Columns[2];
            table2Column1 = tlobergeDataSet.Tb_Transactions.Columns[1];
            table3Column = tlobergeDataSet.Tb_Consumer.Columns[0];

            relation = new DataRelation("relation", table1Column, table2Column);

            relation = new DataRelation("relation1", table3Column, table2Column1);

Given a product name i need to populate a table with each distinct city and how much that product has sold for in that city (add all prices for that product to any consumer in a given city)

ex Tables:

Product Table:

Prod_ID    Name    

1          tv
2          couch

Consumer Table:

Con_Id    Name    City
1         Gray    New York
2         Joe     Chicago
3         Steve   Madison

Transactions Table

Tran_Id   Con_ID    Prod_ID    Price
1         2         1          900
2         1         2          300
3         1         1          900

Needed Table

City      Total Sales
New York  1200
Chicago   900
Madison   0
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try this one, now this is tested

var query = from consumer in Tb_Consumer.AsEnumerable()
            select new
               CityName = consumer.Field<string>("City"),
               //Name of relationship i.e. relation1 is important here
               Sales = consumer.GetChildRows("relation1").Sum(tx=> tx.Field<decimal>("Price")) 

var datatable = new DataTable();
col = new DataColumn("City");
col = new DataColumn("TotalSales");

foreach (var item in query.ToList())
    var newrow = datatable.NewRow();
    newrow["City"] = item.CityName;
    newrow["TotalSales"] = item.Sales;
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How do i use this to put the information into another table? table.DataSource = query; ? – Troy Loberger Apr 18 '12 at 4:35
You just need to put this query right after the code you have described & This query(variable I used) will return you a list of type with CityName & Sales as properties. – Pravin Pawar Apr 18 '12 at 4:39
Is there an easy way to set this as the datasource of a table? – Troy Loberger Apr 18 '12 at 4:42
You will have to create a table with columns like city & sales & will have to iterate through the query.ToList() & populate table columns accordingly – Pravin Pawar Apr 18 '12 at 4:43
Thanks a ton! Your a life saver! – Troy Loberger Apr 18 '12 at 4:46

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